WP Rocket versus Divi Rocket

First of all: sorry for my English, but I’m not a native English speaker. So if you have any textual improvements, please let me know.

Since I use the Divi-Theme on several of my own websites and also on some customer websites, I have subscribed to the newsletter of Elegant Themes.
This morning there was a quite worth reading article about a new caching plugin especially for Divi: Divi Rocket

As I am a WordPress speed junkie, have been using WP Rocket on many websites for years, and there was a 40% coupon on Divi Rocket, I wanted to give this new caching plugin a chance and bought a single license for my 360 panorama website.

On the Elegant Themes Blog the speed gain by using Divi Rocket is described very strikingly and also comprehensible for laymen. But the crux of the matter is: What level of performance or optimization does a website come from?
The website presented for testing in the Elegant Themes Blog was by no means optimized before the installation of Divi Rocket. Therefore it is very likely that this site will for sure be faster after installing the plugin.

But the crucial question for me is: How does Divi Rocket perform on a site that has already been optimized with another caching plugin?
My 360° Panorama website (sorry guys … German website but the pics are cool 😉 )  has been running Divi and WP Rocket for years, so a this quick test of Divi Rocket was no problem there.

Basically, this website is running on an VPS server, manually tweaked for WordPress with the latest Nginx version, HTTP/2, PHP 7.4 (FPM), MariaDB, Redis-Cache, Brotli compression and WebP Support. So Headers and Brotli / Gzip compression is already done by Nginx, so those settings where set to off in both plugins.

Like in the blog post of Elegant Themes I did the quick testing via GTMetrix. In the following I will compare the measured values between WP Rocket and Divi Rocket.

WP Rocket versus Divi Rocket – conclusio

The difference in loading times between WP Rocket and Divi Rocket is really marginal and therefore measurable at best. The end user will not notice any significant differences using his browser.
The pricing of the two plugins is almost identical for the first two versions (single and triple license), only the infinite license is cheaper for Divi Rocket.

The all important question: Would I use Divi Rocket instead of WP Rocket on all new websites I will create in the future with Divi?
The answer is: No.

The reason lies in the greater functionality of WP Rocket:

  • Cache for mobile devices
  • Minification
  • WebP caching
  • Disable WordPress Emdes and Emojis
  • Cache preloading – also via the sitemap
  • Critical CSS generation
  • Heartbeat modifications

Conclusio: Divi Rocket does a good job. And since WP Rocket has a much longer history, I am very curious to see how Divi Rocket will develop in the coming months.